Business Analyst
Freelance 2 Tahun Rp. 6.000.000,00 - 9.000.000,00 /bulan

Deskripsi Pekerjaan


Deskripsi Pekerjaan :

  • Mengkomunikasikan bisnis dengan secara singkat tentang persyaratan ke para pengguna 
  • Memahami objek bisnis dalam pengembangan aplikasi project yang di minta oleh end user
  • Pemahaman dengan baik tentang database rasional seperti Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL database, Oracle DB, as well as NoSQL
  • Paham dalam berbagai bisnis peralatan intelligence untuk membuat dokumentasi, laporan dan dashboards.



Job Description :

  • Communicate concisely with the business and end users with regard to the requirements.
  • Understanding the business objective in project and application development requested by business and end user.
  • Good understanding of relational database like Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL database, Oracle DB, as well as NoSQL database.
  • Proficient in using various business intelligence tools for creating documentation, reports, and dashboards.

Job Qualification :

  1. Candidate must posses at least Bachelor Dergree (S1) in Computer Science, IT, Telco Engineering or equivalent
  2. Having 2 years working experience as Senior Supervisor or Assistant Manager
  3. Understand about eBao, Oracle Sql, MySQL, SQL Server and .NET.
  4. Strong analytical and critical thinking
  5. Good English conversation skill
  6. Good Interpersonal and communication skill
  7. Have a good Insurance Knowledge and Business Process
  8. Able to work with team
  9. Achievement Oriented


PT Global Infotech Solution Jakarta Pusat, DKI JAKARTA
Tentang Perusahaan:

PT Global Infotech Solution, a leading system integrator company in Indonesia, delivers comprehensive business solutions across multiple industries. Established in 2015, we have rapidly grown and evolved as a trusted innovative technology services provider partner for organizations. Here, our team of experts employs cutting-edge technologies to support your organization's unique requirements and needs as well as to address your organization-specific challenges. We cover a wide spectrum of business solutions ranging from infrastructure development and optimization with the goal of ensuring seamless operations and maximum efficiency for your organization. In addition to infrastructure, we also specialize in network solutions that empower businesses to connect and communicate efficiently. 

In order to enable businesses to streamline their operations and enhance productivity, we offer Business Application solutions for your organization. Moreover, by recognizing the importance of cloud computing, PT Global Infotech Solution provides Cloud Solutions enabling organizations to leverage this technology's power as well as ensure cost-effectiveness and scalability. We also prioritize cybersecurity to protect your organization's sensitive data and assets from evolving cyber threats. At PT Global Infotech Solution, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional customer satisfaction. Our team of skilled professionals possesses extensive experience in handling projects across various industries, providing tailored and cost-effective solutions that drive business growth.

Nomor Registrasi 1234xxxx
Jumlah Karyawan 100-500
Lokasi Jakarta Pusat, DKI JAKARTA
Waktu Rata-rata Proses Lamaran -
Industri IT/Komputer - Jaringan/Sistem/Sistem Database
Manfaat dan lainnya -

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